Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brian Greene of Alpharetta - JAILED for SCAMS!

BEWARE of this man!

Brian Greene, former youth football coach has been living a double life as a con man

Brian Greene - a/k/a GREENE , BRIAN DAVID
White  Male  6' 2"   240 lbs

Theft by conversion
Alpharetta Case - 13020538    
Booking number 1207212
Detective Massey
Warrant number: EW080451
Brian Greene of Alpharetta Georgia.jpg

Theft by Taking   (Auto)
Roswell Case - 1200053430  
Booking number 1308438
Detective - Gary Johnson   770-640-4305  (works 7:30 - 3:00pm)

Brian Greene of Roswell Georgia.jpg

Brian Greene of Alpharetta Georgia has for years used a false veneer to pose as an upstanding member of the community, all the while destroying the lives of others through his fraud and villainy. Below are only two of the cases pending against him with more on the way. Authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into his dubious dealings that have led to near financial ruin for those unfortunate enough to come in contact with this predator. Those interested in his apprehension have information regarding large scale deception operations regarding the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There is believed to be a link from a suspected fraud involving misappropriation of funds by what may be a phony charitable operation call Team Tiger ( setup and run by Greene. Upon information and belief, Team Tiger solicits contributions earmarked to help children with childhood obesity only to have these funds clandestinely moved to accounts controlled by Greene.

An investigation into this organization is pending...

Brian David Greene charged with theft
A Marietta limousine company owner has been arrested on a theft by conversion charge over a car that he was supposed to sell for the victims.
A Watkinsville woman told Alpharetta police that she and her ex-husband turned the vehicle over to the suspect with the intent to sell the car. The victim said she and her husband paid the suspect $2,500 for the difference between the sales price covering the repairs and what a buyer was willing to pay. But the vehicle still hasn't been paid off at the bank, and her ex-husband received a call from the bank stating the vehicle loan was in default.
The vehicle was found at Greene Classic Limousines in Atlanta.
Brian David Greene, 45, of Marietta, was arrested and charged with felony theft by taking and two counts of auto theft. He was released on $15,000 bond.

Two of his purported fraud operations are:
Greene Classic Limousines of Atlanta

Foreign Car connection 
11560 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076

Another name this man has used to purchase real estate
4229 Harris Ridge Court Alpharetta, GA